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Chinese Secret Agent 007 James Bond (Daniel Craig) Scale 1:6 Figure Limited Collector Edition As Seen In “Spectre” Article Number BB9007. Includes A Lot Of Additional Accessories: Different Hand Versions, The Bond Weapons And Equipment As Seen in The Mexican “Dia De Los Muertos / Day Of The Dead” Pre-Title Scene Inclusive Skull Mask And Walking Stick And Hat. Also Very Detailed Fashion Accessories Like The Omega Seamaster Natostrap Watch, And The Crockett & Jones Camberley Boots In Black
Black Box Shanghai, China 2018
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Celebrate the legacy of the James Bond movies with the new S.T. Dupont 007 limited edition collection. Two styles of pens and lighters are amongst the collection: A pale gold guilloche design on a Line 2 lighter and a New Line D Pen. Plus an alternative version of the Line 2 lighter and Line D pen featuring the same guilloche design but beautifully coated in black lacquer. Each item is limited to 1962 pieces to celebrate the year the first James Bond movie, DR. NO, was released.
A range of accessories is also included in the collection: Cufflinks in the same pale gold guilloche, engraved with both the 007 logo and the signature of S.T. Dupont. A seven credit card wallet and a cigarette case in subtle black leather enhanced by the same embossed guilloche pattern. Minijet with its powerful torch flame completes the collection with a choice of PVD gold or matt black finishes. A cigar cutter and a key ring hand spinner both in PVD gold guilloche, are also available.
The centre piece of the range is the limited-edition collectors set containing a
Line D Pen, lighter, cigar cutter, cufflinks and extra roller nib. The ingenious composition of the accessories pays homage to Bond’s Walther PPK. The set is limited to 400 pieces.
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Swiss 20th Century Fox Christmas Card 2016 (210 x 105mm) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Wishes You A Magical Christmas And A Joyful And Prosperous 2016 Filled With Sparkling Moments
20th Century Fox, Switzerland 2016

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007 ELEMENTS, an exciting new James Bond experience situated within the summit of the Gaislachkogl mountaintop in Sölden, Austria is now open to the public. The cinematic installation was officially opened by actress Naomie Harris who plays Moneypenny (SPECTRE, SKYFALL) and Jakob Falkner Managing Director of Bergbahnen Sölden.
After visiting 007 ELEMENTS for the first time, Harris commented: “It’s fantastic to be here today at the launch of the brand new exhibition in this amazing location at the top of the Gaislachkogl mountain in Sölden�.
Jakob Falkner said: “It was wonderful to have Naomie here with us to mark this special day. I’d like to thank EON Productions and Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) for their guidance and support. Special thanks go to architect Johann Obermoser and his team for designing and building the perfect mountaintop home, to Neal Callow, Tino Schaedler and the team at Optimist Inc. for bringing the idea to life by creating this unique Bond experience and our partners Jaguar Land Rover, OMEGA and Bogner.”
“007 ELEMENTS complements the wide range of activities we have to offer and firmly puts Sölden and the wider Tyrol region on the map as a year-round destination for sports and entertainment in the Alps.�
At over 3,000m above sea level, 007 ELEMENTS is the highest experience of its kind taking visitors on a journey through a series of nine galleries and an outside plaza with stunning views of the Alps. The dramatic spaces complete with an immersive soundscape showcase the fundamental elements that define the James Bond films placing visitors inside the world of 007 and revealing how that world is made. Construction of the 1,300sqm permanent structure started in May 2017 and was completed just over one year later.
Visitors to 007 ELEMENTS will see the original Land Rover Defender and Range Rover Sport SVR from SPECTRE and learn how the thrilling action sequences were filmed in Sölden. Also featured are four James Bond OMEGA watches including the Seamaster 300 from SPECTRE, the laser watch from GOLDENEYE, the Seamaster Quartz from TOMORROW NEVER DIES, and the Piton from THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. In addition to the stylish uniforms designed by Bogner for the 007 ELEMENTS team, several iconic Bogner ski suits worn by Bond are on display.
EON Productions’ Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli commented: “We are truly proud to be in partnership with Jakob Falkner and launching our latest experience, 007 ELEMENTS on the very mountaintop in Sölden where we filmed SPECTRE. Architect Johann Obermoser, our Art Director Neal Callow and Tino Schaedler have created a Bondian lair worthy of a Ken Adam set in which visitors immediately become enveloped in the cinematic world of 007.�
007 ELEMENTS is accessed via the Gaislachkoglbahn Gondola in the resort village of Sölden. Open daily from 09:00 to 15:30, tickets are available online or from the Bergbahnen Sölden ticket offices and cost €22 for adults, €12 for children. For further information or to book tickets, please visit:
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A VIEW TO A KILL (1985), the 14th EON 007 adventure, proved to be Roger Moore’s last appearance as James Bond. Deftly mixing humour and action, it typified his genial approach to the role and made for a fitting goodbye to the series. The title itself comes from Ian Fleming’s 1960 short story collection ‘For Your Eyes Only’. Screenwriters Richard Maibaum and Michael G. Wilson developed their own story. Wilson came up with the idea of using Silicon Valley as a backdrop and the pair hatched a plot where Bond is out to thwart psychopathic industrialist Max Zorin attempting to destroy America’s high tech centre by flooding the San Andreas Fault so creating a double earthquake. Success would mean Zorin would gain complete monopoly over the lucrative microchip market.
To play Max Zorin (originally named Zorn), the producers chose Christopher Walken, an Academy AwardÒ winner for THE DEER HUNTER. Tanya Roberts signed on to play geologist Stacey Sutton, the granddaughter of an oil tycoon whose company is taken over by Zorin. Model and singer Grace Jones was hired to play Zorin’s super-strong cohort May Day. The role of Sir Godfrey Tibbett, a horse trainer working undercover as Bond’s chauffeur, went to Patrick Macnee, best known as John Steed in TV series THE AVENGERS.
A vast undertaking, the scope of the story demanded five film units working at various times in France, San Francisco, Iceland, Switzerland and the UK. In June 1984, the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios burned down during the production of Ridley Scott’s LEGEND. EON productions set about rebuilding the stage but the delay meant production designer Peter Lamont’s set for Zorin’s mine could not be completed until the end of shooting. It took clever shuffling of schedules and locations to keep the production on track.
Filming began in Paris in August 1984. To perfect May Day’s iconic jump from the Eiffel Tower, parachute/skydiving expert BJ Worth made 22 test jumps from a hot-air balloon. After lengthy negotiations, the French authorities approved the jump that looked in jeopardy when two daredevils jumped off the tower for fun. Yet the thrill-seekers served to prove the stunt could be performed safely. Worth pulled off the leap in one take captured by multiple cameras.
The production moved to San Francisco, simulating a real fire at City Hall and shooting a fire truck chase over three weeks of night shooting. For the climactic Golden Gate Bridge action sequence, Martin Grace rehearsed stuntmen fighting on the main suspension tables. On Jan 7th 1985, the crew celebrated the re-opening of the 007 stage. Pinewood renamed the stage the Albert R. Broccoli 007 stage in honour of the producer’s long association with the studio and huge contribution to the British film industry.
John Barry composed his tenth score for the series. John Taylor of pop-rock group Duran Duran asked Broccoli if the band could create the title song. Broccoli agreed and Duran Duran, collaborating with Barry, created the most successful Bond theme to date, hitting number one in the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US and, helped by a tongue in cheek video directed by Godley & Creme, reaching number two in the UK.
January 16th 1985 proved to be a momentous day in James Bond history. It marked the last day Roger Moore played James Bond on film.
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For Special Services: Daniel Craig is guest of CIA

Daniel Craig Dr No Style Shoulder Holster

James Bond star Daniel Craig, who is gearing up to start shooting Bond movie no. 25 later this year, was a special guest of the American CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) recently.

The CIA is the U.S. near-equivalent to the UK’s MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service) but, of course, the American Agency is a much larger organization. Like MI6, the CIA engages mainly in intelligence gathering and espionage operations abroad, using a combination of ‘HUMINT’ (human intelligence) and sophisticated monitoring technology.

The CIA’s Office of Public Affairs invited the current 007 to meet some top executive officers and other members of the CIA’s workforce, as part of an Agency outreach programme called ‘reel vs real’. The Agency’s outreach programme is designed to help the CIA engage more openly with the general public and, in particular, to combat media and entertainment industry misrepresentation of what the USA’s main foreign intelligence organisation actually does.

In a press release from the CIA, the Agency said Daniel was told that real-life espionage is a lot more ‘cloak’ than ‘dagger’ compared to the image portrayed in the entertainment world: ‘During conversations with CIA subject matter experts, Mr. Craig learned about the many facets of intelligence collection and how our five directorates work together to advance CIA’s mission’. The press release added: ‘Later, during an engagement with the Agency workforce, Mr. Craig remarked about the teamwork that goes into the intelligence cycle and how impressed he was with the commitment and dedication of CIA officers’.

Craig was also photographed standing over the now-famous CIA logo in the main hall of the CIA’s HQ at Langley, Virginia, and – during the course of his visit – also sat under the logo while he listened closely to the CIA’s presentation. The iconic logo has featured in a significant number of movies and TV series, but the Agency seems keen to ‘de-mythologize’ some of the more bizarre representations of the CIA over time.

Live and Let Spy: 007 and the CIA

Bond creator Ian Fleming had a warm relationship with the CIA and gave 007 an Agency buddy in the form of field agent Felix Leiter, who first appeared in Fleming’s debut 007 novel Casino Royale. Interestingly, recent research by scholars has thrown further intriguing light on the close bond that developed between the 007 author and Allen Dulles, who was head of the CIA from 1953-61. Some of the secret gadgets dreamt up by Fleming for his fictional James Bond adventures were greatly admired by the CIA director.

Indeed, Allen Dulles was so fascinated by Ian Fleming and James Bond that he tried to encourage America’s real-life spy agency to use the Fleming novels as a source for possible new espionage devices, blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction. CIA analysts were encouraged to raid the Bond novels for technological inspiration. One example was the CIA’s adaptation of Rosa Klebb’s spring-loaded poison-tipped knife shoe, as used in From Russia With Love (and so memorably used by Lotte Lenya in the 1963 movie version). However, it is not known whether the CIA actually put it’s own version of the device into action in the field!

At a personal level, Fleming and Dulles also admired each other and met on a number of occasions. Significantly, in 1964, in an edition of Life magazine, Dulles referred to Fleming as ‘brilliant and witty’. As many Bond fans know, in 1965 Allen Dulles also contributed an essay on his friendship with Fleming to the Panther paperback For Bond Lovers Only, entitled ‘The Spy Boss Who Loves Bond’.

The character of CIA agent Felix Leiter has also been used on a number of occasions in the EON James Bond movie franchise, most recently in Quantum of Solace, where he was played by Jeffrey Wright. The actor has hinted recently that Leiter could possibly return in Bond no. 25.

Daniel Craig enjoys his visit to the CIA in Langley, Virginia




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Japanese 007 Balloon Game Sealed Set (260 x 560mm) Contains 80 Balloons And Comes With Header Illustration Related To The James Bond Film ‘Thunderball’ 1965 With James Bond Sean Connery
SRB, Japan 1966

Sold To A Belgian Collector
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